On Downtown Toronto

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August 2013 – Lady boxer changes life after injury; Training youth in boxing

July 2013 – Gardiner plan ‘short sighted’ Eastern Gardiner consultations will continue through 2015

July 2013 – Updated Regent Park plan flops at consultation, Demolition of Blevins Place garners support

June 2013 – Lower Yonge planners ask for pedestrian safety, green space

June 2013 – Regent Park density to increase 38%: public meeting June 10

May 2013 – College Park reno plan taking shape

April 2013 – Three out of four Downtown high schools improve

April 2013 – Outrage over shoehorned condo bid

February 2013 –$1 billion garage for $50 million casino host fee?

May 2012 – Clerical Error Hurts Queen Street West

May 2012 – Construction Perpetual as West Don Lands Prepare for Pan Am

April 2012 – Ashbridges Bay Renovates, but Odour Issues Continue

March 2012 – St. Lawrence Library Reopens

February 2012 – Pam Am Builders Set Firm Deadline

January 2012 – King-Spadina towers set precedent for new applications

January 2012 –Waterfront watchers ‘stay the course’

November 2011 – WDL Consortium Announced – Page Seven

October 2011- Port Lands Remains with Public – Page Three

October 2011 – Cabaggetowners Seek Public Places – Page Four

October 2011 – Corktown Residents Seek Connectivity – Page Seven

September 2011 –Waterfront Reaction From Cynthia Wilkey, WDLC Chair – Page One

September 2011 – Profile: Canadian Tamil Pens Novella – Page Six

July 2011 – Cityzen plans for 154 Front St. E. meet renewed opposition

July 2011 –Pan Am plan brings dirt, noise to site

July 2011 – Leslieville Groups Warns of Traffic Safety

June 2011 –No off-leash for Victoria Square pups

April 2011 – Ryerson Students Study Corktown

March 2011 – WDLC Readies Pan Am Planning Challenges

March 2011 – CineFranco Director Looks Ahead to Festival

December 2010: Corktown committee ‘not anti-development’ in lead-up to 2015 housing projects

December 2010: High Rise Consultation Meeting Set

November 2010: Flood plain requirements stymie West Don Lands developers

September 2010: Students create G20 reparations program for merchants

September 2010: Transit improvements offer hope for King route riders

June 2010: Fluoride in water a danger?

April 2010: Rookie MPP demands Distillery connection to Corktown as a result of Pan Am plans


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