On Lifestyle

So as it turns out, I have some thoughts on dating, lifestyles, relationships, and the like. I hope these provoke thought or elicit laughter, accordingly.

02.16.16 – Museum of Broken of Relationships

02.09.16 – The Art of Hygge

01.08.16 – New Year’s Tech Resolutions

12.28.15 – Guide to Holiday Dating

12.11.15 – Being Single During the Holidays

11.23.15 – Guide to Professional Cuddling

11.10.15 – My Biggest Relationship Mistakes

11.03.15 – Guide to No-Strings-Attached Relationship

09.08.15 – How to Be Broken Up With 

08.25.15 – How To Live With a Woman

08.13.15 – How To Ask Out The Bartender

08.04.15 – Guide to Sex Clubs

07.16.15 – How to Be Friends With a Woman

06.23.15 – Guide to Bikini Competitions

06.09.15 – Guide to Naked Girls Reading

05.07.15 – Most Unconventional First Dates

04.30.15 – Relationship Stigmas We Need To Get Over

04.16.15 – Guide to Dating a Coworker

03.24.15 – From Internet Profile to First Date

03.12.15 – How To Help a Friend Through a Break Up

03.05.15 – Guy’s Guide to Burlesque

02.04.15 – Guy’s Guide to Unconventional Dating

01.27.15 – Living With My Ex

01.12.15 – J. Lindeberg Comes to Toronto 

01.08.15 – Single at the Bar

12.18.14 – Six Reasons to Stop Saying ‘Friendzone’

11.27.14 – How to Go From Lovers to Friends


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