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The Last Jedi: Beauty and Brilliance

There are many remarkable, enjoyable, and surprising facets to the latest in an ever-growing world of Star Wars films.  The Last Jedi contains callbacks and Easter eggs, inversions and twists, and a whole ton of story and action.  I posit, though, that what sets this film apart from its predecessors is its commitment to making something … Continue reading

Movie Review: The Neon Demon

Elle Fanning’s character Jesse isn’t dead when the film opens, it just looks like she is. Jesse lies motionless on a couch, her head and legs hanging off in an uncomfortable, lifeless way, with her neck covered in so much blood it’s dripping down her arm. A man is taking photographs of the haunting scene. It’s … Continue reading

Movie Review: Hevn (Revenge)

It’s uncomfortably evident by a title sequence of a woman driving through a winding road in the Norwegian countryside as well as the title itself – Revenge ­­– that this determined figure has a goal to fulfill. She is looking for someone in particular, and upon finding this charming gentleman, along with his loving wife … Continue reading

Movie Review: Love & Friendship

Love & Friendship has the uncanny ability to have its jokes linger in the air for a few seconds before setting in, undoubtedly eliciting uproarious laughter and a few dropping jaws. It’s exceedingly wry, so much so that you might laugh over the next lines to come, or not even realize what you’re hearing until too … Continue reading

Movie Review: Captain America: Civil War

Moments of levity are welcome when a movie involving a dozen or so characters with enhanced abilities and superhuman talents are contentiously battling each other on an abandoned airport runway. Some of them have met before, some haven’t; their allegiances and friendships are ever changing, there will be bruised bones and egos, and maybe serious … Continue reading

Movie Review: The Jungle Book

It seems good a time as any to bring a beloved book to life on the big screen. Nevermind originality, Disney’s 60s era animated adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book is ripe for a live-action cinematic rendering, and with the most realistic of computer-generated animals, and what sure do sound like the perfect voices, … Continue reading

Movie Review: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Just because Batman v. Superman is all over the place, just because it’s tenuously holding together a slew of tangential plots, competing ideas, shifting tones, and numbing action set pieces, doesn’t mean it can’t be good fun. It’s still not though. If anything, superheroes movies of late (that is, Marvel) have shown that just because … Continue reading

Movie Review: Knight of Cups

It’s a credit to director Terrance Malick that he can keep a viewer sympathetic for an attractive, rich, Hollywood screenwriter who gets to date the likes of Imogen Poots, Natalie Portman, Freida Pinto, and Teresa Palmer, among other beautiful and talented and successful women, as long as he can.

Movie Review: 10 Cloverfield Lane

There are a solid 60 seconds or so at the start of 10 Cloverfield Lane where you breathe easy, sit back in your chair, and have normal vital functions. But after a shocking jolt, and we find ourselves in a strange place alongside our heroine, there is no more relaxing.

Movie Review: London Has Fallen

It should come as no surprise that London Has Fallen, the sequel to one of two White House disaster movies from 2013, is rated ‘R’ for extreme violence and blood. After all, a siege leaves copuntless people slaughtered around the streets of the English capital, and those bodies that aren’t bullet-ridden on the street are simply … Continue reading



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