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Movie Review: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman-V-Superman-Movie-Doomsday-TrailerJust because Batman v. Superman is all over the place, just because it’s tenuously holding together a slew of tangential plots, competing ideas, shifting tones, and numbing action set pieces, doesn’t mean it can’t be good fun. It’s still not though.

If anything, superheroes movies of late (that is, Marvel) have shown that just because something doesn’t make sense, and despite the citywide chaos that ultimately ensues in overlong finales, these big budget blockbusters can still be charming and enjoyable, two things sorely lacking in this tent pole film….

You can read the entire review at Scene Creek


One thought on “Movie Review: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

  1. Nice review. It’s not perfect. However, it does do some interestingly dark things not always seen in other superhero flicks.

    Posted by Dan O. | March 30, 2016, 18:49

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