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Movie Review: Terminator: Genisys

terminator-genisysIn an attempt to reinvigorate a stalled series, the enduring Terminator franchise returns to the past, compiling an awkward pastiche into something new and shiny, loud and incompatible.

That’s because this sequel/remake/re-imagining as it were runs parallel to the first 1984 film, where we witness two naked men from the future land separately in Los Angeles, one looking to kill Sarah Connor, the other trying to protect her. This time though, because of events that have taken place in the future (and in order to create a ‘new’ story), the 1984 these men return to is different. Instead of Linda Hamilton as Connor serving tables and being an ordinary, unaware victim, we have actress Emilia Clarke, a soldier and survivor who has been enlisted with a lifelong protector in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800 series machine.

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