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Movie Review: Ted 2

ted-2Seth MacFarlane has more going on than his plethora of penis and poop jokes might suggest. While those are staples of the MacFarlane cinematic experience across now three films, it’s not hard to see that there is another part of him that also wants to entertain in a purer fashion, enlivening an audience with something that isn’t just a celebrity cameo or gross-out gag.

It’s none the more evident than in the opening of Ted 2, the bloated, juvenile sequel to the money-making 2012 original. A short introduction in the sequel wastes no time swearing, making fun of gay sex, and showing a man high on cocaine. For MacFarlane, who also co-writes and voices the animated titular bear, it’s enough to say foul things in a funny voice and go on inconsequential tangents to try and make someone, anyone laugh…

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