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Movie Review: Mad Max: Fury Road

a8ab2658-96ec-477d-8558-77c1539156f2 It strains to think of a summer blockbuster title hero more incidental than Max Rockatansky. Our loner in an anarchic, futuristic desert world aligns himself with a renegade that happens to have a common enemy. It’s this new partner seeking redemption, as well as a young man in search of salvation, that are the far more compelling and indeed leading characters.
That is not to say that Max, played by a charming and observant Tom Hardy, taking over the role made famous by Mel Gibson, isnt’ of note. He is there to supplement both muscle and brain, as well as a bit of humour, on this endless thrill ride through the dry wasteland.​​ It’s just that Max has no arc, no change, and isn’t as interesting. Put another way: he’s a passenger.

…you can read the rest of the review on Scene Creek..


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