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Lovers to Friends: How & Why I’m Living with My Ex

I have what I think is a unique story. Perhaps I’m not the only one, but if we are going to say that all relationships are just a little bit different, than this one is likely way out there. Yes, some time ago, after dating a person, we decided that spite of breaking up, we would make great roommates. It’s crazy. Or not. Anyways, I’ve decided to share my story.

Of late I’ve felt I have interesting insights on dating and relationships, in part because I’ve find myself in curious positions that seem at odds with so many around me. What’s more, these have been healthy, positive, engaging experiences that have fostered growth in myself and others. Various relationships have shaped my views.

With that, I invite you to head over to Daily XY, which has allowed me to share several stories that I hope will entertain if not enlighten.

Living With My Ex

How to Go From Lovers to Friends

Guy’s Guide to Unconventional Dates



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