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Movie Reviews: Fruitvale Station, The Conjuring, Pacific Rim, The Lone Ranger

995896_528447607221541_509037149_nThe summer season seems to at long last winding down, or at least coming close to quieting. There is one month left, and while we have a few anticipated movies left – mostly sequels, naturally – we can start to reflect on what has been a season that has mostly let down as far as blockbusters go. The best films have been the smallest, though a few have surprised.

Please check out some of my latest reviews over at Scene Creek, which include five stars for powerful drama by a first time director, a stunning visual feast of a blockbuster by a seasoned director, an eerie vampire flick, and yet another derivative sequel.

Fruitvale Station

The Conjuring

Red 2


Pacific Rim

The Lone Ranger



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