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Video: Summer 2013 Movie Preview

Get ready for the summer of 2013, movie-style! A collection of the biggest and most anticipated films this summer. Most of the time I shy away from watching trailers so as not to spoil, but for the summer, it’s not about films being cunning. It’s about being big, loud, exciting, and entertaining. That’s the motivation behind the following video I created.

Yes, there are a few omissions. For example, I excluded The Conjuring because I firmly believe in not spoiling anything at all when it comes to horror. Also, I left out Smurfs 2 and Grown Ups 2 – we shouldn’t encourage that.

So I hope you enjoy, and I hope you get excited for at least a couple films. This is not Oscar season, this is sheer grandiose entertainment. Let’s hope it satisfies.



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