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Movie Reviews: Trance, 42, Pines, Revolution

PLACE BEYOND THE PINESDramatic and evocative films are brought to the screen this weekend as things start to get more serious just before a run of summer films brings us spectacle and absurdity. The four films this week, while dealing with very different subject matter, all succeed or fail based on their directors.

The Place Beyond of the Pines is a trio of stories across many years, delving into family dynamics, truth, and loyalty. Trance, meanwhile, is an intimate thriller that dazzles due to the vision of Danny Boyle. Revolution is an expansive documentary that tries to deal with global environmental issues, while 42 has the equally tough task of capturing the life, struggle, and heroism of Jackie Robinson.

With that, please check out my reviews over at Scene Creek.



The Place Beyond the Pines




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