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Scary Movie Reviews: Silent Hill Revelation, Sinister, Paranormal Activity 4, and More!


One of the most exciting times of year for scary movies has just about come and gone, with Christmas on the horizon, the tide turns from the horrific and bloody to the cheesy and familial. And the Oscar-worthy, of course.
I think I just about captured every big horror release of the season, and did a worthy job attending the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, catching eight of the screenings. There were many satisfying films, and some that left much more to be desired.

With that, as you plan your Halloween, here are my thoughts on the scary movies released over the last month, with a couple added from the film festival that may or may not have a North American release just yet, but definitely worth checking out.

Silent Hill: Revelation: Great visual and annoying dialogue and plot

Grave Encounters 2 – TADFF: Clever and fun found footage horror

REC 3: Genesis – TADFF: Fantastic horror zombie hybrid from Spain

Paranormal Activity 4: Pretty much the same as the first three, so not bad, just not original

Sinister: Very worthy horror

Antiviral: More disturbing than scary.

Frankenweenie: Not scary, but certainly dark and fun!



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