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Movie Reviews: Robot and Frank, Premium Rush, The Apparition

This week’s releases include three films that aren’t quite like they are being promoted as. Perhaps Premium Rush is closest to as advertised, but still, the film is surprisingly self aware, and as it knows that it is a bit ridiculous, it can have a lot of fun. It also doesn’t try to make the actual cycling though crowded Manhattan to be melodramatic or silly – it is genuinely intense to watch, while the rest of the film can be rightfully silly.Robot and Frank is a heartfelt dramatic comedy, but there is a much darker side to it if you want to go there. And The Apparition, billed as a horror movie, is really nothing at all other than a bit funny and mostly boring.

So there you have it for this week, please check out all my reviews at Scene Creek.

Robot and Frank

Premium Rush

The Apparition



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