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Movie Reviews: Your Sister’s Sister, Brave

I saw a pair of films that are part of this weekend’s new releases, both with their own bit of charm and curiosity, but one with much higher expectations. Disney Pixar’s Brave is the company’s first movie showcasing a female heroine, and this one vibrant and sassy, headstrong and tough, is certainly captivating. Still, the movie underwhelms. The images are breathtaking, and a final scene is dramatic, but the path there is muddled.

Your Sister’s Sister  is a more charming and adult romantic comedy, one that is actually interesting and true to life, except for the part where you start to wonder what these people do since they are not working for days and days on end. Thinking back, I like it more than when I first saw it, and Brave may be a bit more worthy than by 1.5 star review, but not much. Some things are worth a second viewing, and Disney’s new movie may be that. It certainly is visually stunning.

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Your Sister’s Sister




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