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Concert Review: Thursday Night, NXNE

The second night of NXNE featured a few artists that I had seen previously and was looking forward to seeing yet again, and a couple new entrants along the way. The evening started early with Audio Blood throwing a fantastic rooftop party in the hot summer sun.  Bands played throughout the day, and the free booze lasted relatively long, and The Balconies, always entertaining and fun to watch, capped off the party with their usual energy and enthusiasm.

From there it was to see Corinna Rose and Gabrielle Papillon at the Free Times Cafes, both featuring some beautiful new music, with a stop at the El Mocambo in between for a truly talented guitarist who is far more mature and experienced than her age would have you think. Lastly I saw The Black Belles, a much-hyped band featuring four lovely black-clad young ladies from Nashville back by Jack White and playing garage-goth rock. And wearing witches hats.

Please check out my reviews at Lithium Magazine:

Corinna Rose, Gabrielle Papillon

Army Girls

The Black Belles




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