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Cannes Movie Review: Mud

After so many physically, emotionally, and mentally draining movies that make up the Cannes Film Festival, it was so refreshing and very much needed to see something with the least bit of optimism. That is not to say Mud, the Jeff Nichols-directed film starring Matthew McConaughey, isn’t without it’s intense and shocking moments, because it is. Simply though, it is inspiring and uplifting.

The titular Mud is a convict, hiding away on a small island in a Mississippi town when he is discovered by two young boys, with whom he forms an unlikely pact. They boys help Mud try to fix up a broken boat to form an escape, all the while they each deal with their own personal problems. Young Ellis is coping with growing up, as his family and personal life breaks down, while Mud searches for his girlfriend while evading a group of men hunting him down. Charming, startling, and deep, Mud is among the most memorable films I saw at Cannes.

Please read my entire review at Scene Creek.



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