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Cannes Movie Review: The Paper Boy

I always contend that just because I haven’t experienced something, listened to something, or seen something, doesn’t mean that I don’t understand it. I may not fully grasp the full extent, but I’m pretty smart, I can still get it. So, I never saw Precious, the 2009 Lee Daniels film about a young black girl living an abusive life seeking solace. However, reading as I do, talking to people as I do, and watching a few clips, I quickly understood just how intense, how unnerving this movie is. I am confident it is quite good, but I have not wanted to put myself in the situation to get beaten up watching a movie.

At Cannes this year, Daniels debuted his follow up, and while I can’t compare it exactly, it’s another intense, powerful film that lures you in with sights and sounds, and surprises you with dark secrets. Taking place in backwoods Florida in the late 1960’s, racism flourishes, wild sex runs rampant, and everyone has a secret. It’s a great movie that pummels you with raw emotion and some unforgettable scenes.

Please check out my entire review at Scene Creek.



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