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Movie Review: The Raven

For whatever reason, John Cusack seems perfectly cast to play Edgar Allan Poe. Wild eyed, dramatic, quick with words and ever quicker with crazed gesticulations, Cusack may not embody in any way the real Poe, but certainly a cinematic and heroic version of him. Filled with a surprising amount of blood, and a very worthy and equally well cast group of characters (Luke Evans as a master detective and Brendan Gleeson as an arrogant father and Captain), The Raven is not as absurd as it looks. Worthy of Poe’s dark stories, a dank, fog-enveloped Baltimore is the scene for a maniac to recreate the grisliest (and most popular) of Poe’s fictitious deaths. The result is a not a work of dark poetry, but a film with clever entertainment.

Please check out my entire review at Scene Creek.



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