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Movie Review: Lockout

A throwback to action movies of the 1990’s and 1980’s, Lockout succeeds at being exceptionally bad and silly and  as a result, thoroughly entertaining. Guy Pearce makes the movie work, as do cliched lines, endless action, and a plot-line that sends our characters to space.

It is completely predictable, absurd in it’s logic, but enjoyable. Snow (Pearce) is the only man who can save the President’s daughters from the world’s most secure prison (spoiler: it’s not secure) located conveniently in space. There is some what of a back story, but it doesn’t matter. The film is laugh-out-loud funny in it’s absurdity, but pretty funny too with some clever lines from Snow. Fast-paced, action-packed, and only 90 minutes long, Lockout is pretty satisfying.

Please check out my entire review at Scene Creek.



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