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Movie Review: The Cabin in the Woods

From the hilarious opening featuring Bradley Whitford and Richard Jenkins getting ready for a day at work, The Cabin in the Woods is a thoroughly entertaining and funny, ultimately resulting in an extremely satisfying campy horror subversion.

I got it, but certainly not everyone will. And not everyone will want to. The tricky thing for the film to get across to people before they see it, is that it is a not a cheesy horror as it seems to play out. At the same time, the filmmakers do not want to give away too much, especially by continually saying, ‘it’s not what you think.’ Trust in writers Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard, and go see the film, at least once.

Ambitious, the film is funnier than scary, but exceptionally bloody, very surprising, and always enjoyable. It is singular; neither a parody of horror nor a simply homage, The Cabin in the Woods sets up standard horror ploys, knocks them down, and takes you places you wouldn’t suspect.

Please check out my entire review at Scene Creek.



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