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Movie Review: Bully

I knew what was coming when I decided to see Bully. Rather, I knew what I would be going through, as on screen a story would unfold about an endearing young boy who was ridiculed, chided, and even abused by his peers, believing they were his friends and accepting that there was nothing he could do. So it is at times tough to watch. It is, however, exceedingly important.

Bully is incredibly powerful, telling that story of Alex, as well as many other saddening and shocking tales of bullying from across the United States, some resulting in suicide, but none going in vain. Director Lee Hirsch unearths a painful world in which bullying is not simply kids being kids–it is harassment, abuse, and assault. Ultimately inspiring, Bully is riveting and universal, and should help to change how culture and attitude as the movement against hate, prejudice, and discrimination among youth reaches new heights.

Please read my entire review at Scene Creek.



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