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Blu-Ray Review: Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca, Spellbound & Notorious

Watching a movie that was made over 70 years ago is a very peculiar thing, especially not being anywhere close to 70 years in age. It’s watching a film that was made before a majority of other films, that has more value, more meaning, and more detail in one scene that most films do in their entire running time. It is made before there existed cliches or tropes or even film genres; there is much to consider.

From 20th Century Fox, I watched on blu-ray Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca, Spellbound, and Notorious, all from the 1940’s, and all superb pieces of art that still are compelling today. The added bonus to these films, however, is the extra features that add much fascinating context, critique, and more than a few surprises about the stories themselves and the creation of the movies. I’m quite happy to now have these in my film library.

Please check out my entire review here for Lithium Magazine.



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