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NFL Week Eleven Picks

Season Record: 29-19-2

Buffalo Bills +1.5 v. Miami Dolphins: The Bills have struggled, but they are my Bills and a match against the Dolphins should cure all ails. Hard to imagine a few weeks ago that the Bills would be getting points in Miami, but here we are. They need to step up and save the season.

Washington Redskins +7.5 v. Dallas Cowboys: This is simply too high for a divisional match up and is entirely based on the last few weeks of football, not the entire season. The Cowboys have cruised against poor teams to look better than they are. The Redskins have look worse than they really are, and I think Grossman has a good game in him this week.

Carolina Panthers +7.0 at Detroit Lions: Another line that I feel is too high, or almost too high. The Panthers have come back to lose games but cover all season long when they are the underdog. After a dud of a week, I think Newton bounces back and keeps things close.

Chicago Bears -4.5 v. San Diego Chargers:  I simply have no faith that the Chargers are any good, and I know that there defense is certainly no good. The Bears can shut down the erratic offense and control the ball the entire way. The line seems about right, but I have to lean towards the Bears.

New England Patriots -14.5 v. Kansas City Chiefs: It’s a big number, but it just seems like such a lock. There are games in primetime between one great team and one mediocre team that sometimes feels like a trap—this is not that. There is nothing about this game that suggests the Chiefs and whoever their quarterback is, will keep it close.



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