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NFL Week Nine Picks

Season Record: 24-14-2

Buffalo Bills -1.5 v. the New York Jets: It is hard not to get carried away with my home team, especially looking so great against the Redskins. They have not lost at home, and got jacked up for the Patriots bout. They look to do the same against another division rival and should take care of business and prove they are a legitimate contender.

Atlanta Falcons -7.0 v. Indianapolis Colts: The Colts are really awful most of the time and less than average the rest of the time. The Falcons are coming off a bye and will play in a dome where they excel. They should just run and pound the ball and should win handily.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +8.0 at New Orleans Saints: This just seems way too high for a game against a division opponent that they already beat just a few weeks ago. The Bucs showed they could stop Drew Brees, and even if they are not able to do it again on the road, they shouldn’t lose by more than eight.

Denver Broncos +8.0 at Oakland Raiders: I will continue beat against Carson Palmer and the Raiders regardless of where they are playing and who they are playing. This is another big spread against a division opponent, and I just don’t think Palmer is good enough to win. He throws picks and isn’t mobile. And the Raiders are without McFadden. The Broncos can lay huge eggs at times, but even though Tebow is awkward and pretty bad, he doesn’t give up.

Pittsburgh Steelers -3.5 v. Baltimore Ravens: I’d be more comfortable with this at three, but the Steelers are at home and need to win this. They got smacked around in Week One, but have since recovered. Baltimore, meanwhile, has not shown they can be consistent on offense. In primetime, at home, hard to see the Steelers falling short here.



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