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NFL Week Seven Picks

Season record: 17-11-2

Kansas City +5.5 at Oakland Raiders: This is my lock of the year. Carson Palmer or whoever the Raiders throw out are not good and will not be good at all. The Chiefs has played three straight solid games and will gear up against a division opponent that will be lacking a passing game.

San Diego Chargers -1.5 at New York Jets: This is partly due to my hatred for the Jets, but the Chargers are perennially slow starters, and coming off a bye week should be ready to go. The west to east trip is always a red flag, but this year it hasn’t’ been that big a factor. The Chargers are underachievers, but this week they should be ready to go.

Atlanta Falcons +4.5 at Detroit Lions: The Lions cannot run and the Falcons are a great dome team. I think the Lions have been overachieving and have played many more close games than thought. Falcons may not win, but this is a three point game.

Carolina Panthers -2.5 v Washington Redskins: The Skins have no quarterback and a banged up offense, and I tend to know more about them than most teams from listening daily to the Tony Kornheiser Show, which is based out of D.C. and is nominally a sports show. Also, number two Cam Newton has been close to winning all year, and will make it two this Sunday.

Tampa Bay +2.5 v Chicago Bears: Not sure why this isn’t closer to the Bucs being favoured, but I do know that Tampa left early to travel to London and the Bears did not. This leans me towards the Bucs, a club that geared up last week against the Saints. Both teams are erratic, but I like Josh Freeman—he seems like a good guy. Go Bucs!



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