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NFL Week Five Picks

Now I think we are getting a feel for this. After a slow start, I am 9-1 in the last two weeks, and look to build on that, as I move to 11-8-1 on the year. This week is much tougher though, as some teams I love to beat against are off, and the rest of the worse teams seem to be playing each other. Plus I am staying away from the Bills, just don’t know what to expect from them. I have five picks here that I feel good about, but I can also see myself losing each one by just a couple points: you gotta love sports!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +3 at San Francisco 49ers: I think the Niners are good, but the Bucs are just getting rolling. They are a team that I believe was affected by the lockout, and they are all about to break out and get some attention. The Niners meanwhile, are ripe for a letdown game after two roads wins, and the big comeback against Philly. I picked for them once, not doing it two weeks in a row.

San Diego Chargers -3.5 at Denver Broncos: Chargers are usually unreliably, but this is a low spread and it’s October, just the time the Chargers start to play well. Denver is awful, and even though this is a division game, the Broncos aren’t threatening. This could and should be a 10 point San Diego victory.

New York Giants -9.5 v. Seattle Seahawks: Another NFC West team that I took last week correctly will now be beat against. I think I have Seattle figured out: at home, you take them, on the road, you don’t. The Giants should win by 10, and it could very easily be 10-0 because Seattle doesn’t really have any offense, at least on the road.

Tennessee Titans +3.5 v. Pittsburgh Steelers: Titans are better than people think, and the Steelers are worse. Pittsburgh has no offensive or defensive line, and surprisingly enough, the Titans seem to have good coaching and can take advantage. Plus I need ot root for Chris Johnson to get into the endzone. Steelers could win, but not by more than three.

Carolina Panthers +6.5 v. New Orleans Saints: Would feel way more comfortable with just one more point for the Panthers, but they took a first half lead against the Packers at home, and against a porour Saints secondary, Newton should throw up and down the field. I’m seeing a 10 point Saints lead all game, with Panthers coming back to bring it to one score—and a cover.



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