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NFL Week Four Picks

After a rough two weeks, I think we have turned the corner. A 4-1 week three puts me at 6-8-1, nearing the .500 mark. Feeling just as good for this week, so here we go.

Tennessee Titans -0.5 at Cleveland Titans: The Titans have been better all year than people think, and even without Britt, I think they are still solid. At some point Chris Johnson will break out, and provided Hasselback doesn’t get hurt, they’re solid. Plus, Cleveland hasn’t shown anything.

New England Patriots -4.5 at Oakland Raiders: The Patriots are not going to lose again; they’re not even going to let this be close. They don’t have a defense, but they don’t need one as Campbell will not match Brady as Fitzpatrick did last week. I don’t know that the Pats will have another line this low all season, so now is the time to take them.

Washington Redskins -1.5 at St. Louis Rams: The Rams are just awful. They have no receivers, and their running back is old and hurt. Washington won’t blow them away, but they can and will win this won.

San Fransisco 49ers +8.5 at Philadelphia Eagles: Normally I wouldn’t pick for the NFC West, but this line is too high. Usually west going east is a bad sign, but the Niners stayed east this whole week to practice after beating the Bengals. I don’t know if they are going to win, but I wouldn’t be surprised–still, this line is too high.

Seattle Seahawks +5.5 vs. Atlanta Falcons: Now this is a gamble, and again I wouldn’t normally pick an NFC West game, but this is so tempting. Seattle has shown they can play well at home, especially against NFC South teams (see 2010 playoffs). The Falcons I think are overrated, and this game should be within a field goal.

And as always, Go Bills!



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