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NFL Week Three Picks

We’re getting better…slowly. I liked the Bills, Skins, and Cowboys to win and cover, but they only won, all by three, just barely missing the line.  If some unknown Dallas wide receiver could have just fallen into the endzone instead of showboating, that push would have turned into a win.  Alas, a positive trend, albeit a small one, is good as I look to week three. We’re 2-7-1, but lots of games still left to play!

Buffalo Bills +10 v. New England Patriots: There are many reasons this is a great pick, including the fact that I am a Bills fans and think this is the time when they finally beat the Patriots. Even if New England is up by 14 in the fourth, they have a terrible defense and the Bills can put up points.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +3 v. Atlanta Falcons: Not sure why the Bucs are getting points at home, but I think they are much more talented than the Falcons. Anytime you’re getting points at home against a division opponent, you should cover. I believe in Josh Freeman, even though he really isn’t helping my fantasy team.

New York Giants +9 v. Philadelphia Eagles: Vick is excepted to play, but again, this is a division game, and I can’t see the gap between these two teams being this great. The Giants know how to get to Vick, and it’s easy to see him not playing the entire game.

Cincinnati Bengals -2.5 v. San Fransisco 49ers: Until an NFC West team beats a team on the road that is not in their division, I will beat against them. It’s that simple. Prove me wrong, San Fran, prove me wrong.

Oakland Raiders +3.5 v. New York Jets: The Raiders have a solid running game and a quarterback that looked good against the Bills. The Jets are traveling west and have not demonstrated they have what it takes on offense to win games. Getting a field goal plus at home is the way to go.



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