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NFL Week Two Picks

So my first week in to the fake gambling foray was not good, earning my only win on Monday night, going 1-4 on the weekend. The first week is always tough however, and having watched parts of every game on NFL Redzone, I feel I have an advantage and am confident this week.

Buffalo Bills -3.5 vs. Oakland Raiders: The Bills were dominant last week against one AFC West team, and there is no reason they can’t win by four against another one, especially one that played late Monday night and is traveling east for a one o’clock start. I’m a Bills fan, and week one was amazing–it is time to get carried away. If not now, when?

Washington Redskins -4 vs. Arizona Cardinals: Arizona is a terrible football team in a terrible division and almost lost last week to a rookie quarterback and last year’s worst team. They are traveling east for a one o’clock start, and the Redskins looked not great, but good in every phase of the game last week. Like Bills fans, Redskins fans should get carried away right now.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +3 at Minnesota Vikings: I’m sticking with Josh Freeman and the Bucs, a club people are still ignoring. It’s always hard to draw conclusions week one, but I am gambling on the fact that Detroit is just really good, and Tampa just got beat. They will bounce back.

Dallas Cowboys -3 at San Francisco 49ers: It’s never a bad move to bet against the awful NFC West, and aside from two terrible plays from Tony Romo, the Cowboys would have beaten the talented Jets on the road in New York on the night of September 11th. I think they are good, and the 49ers still have Alex Smith, so three points is a great deal.

Green Bay Packers -10 at Carolina Panthers: Aaron Rodgers and the Packers has 10 days to rest and plan for a team led by a rookie quarterback that may be susceptible to a letdown after last week’s exciting game. The Packers beat the Saints by 8, they can easily dispose of the Panthers by 10 as they should.



One thought on “NFL Week Two Picks

  1. Love the picks…I agree totally…also thinking Cinci in Denver if Gradkowski starts.

    Posted by Bill | September 17, 2011, 17:38

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