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NFL Week One Picks

I’m not in the Vegas Super Contest, in which you compete against other football lovers/gamblers to pick five games every week against the spread. Let’s say the reason I’m not in the league is because I don’t want to spend the $1500 or so it takes to get in, and not because I simply didn’t make it to Vegas. Still, I will each week pick five games by the Sportsbook’s Thursday/Friday lines and see how I do. And if I do well….well, I’ll be sure to make it to Vegas to sign up next year.

New Orleans Saints +5.0 at Green Bay Packers: I have to start with the first game, it’s just more fun watching when you have bet on it.

Atlanta Falcons -3.0 at Chicago Bears: This seems so sure, but Atlanta is not as good on the road as at home. Still, some good team from last year has to fall this year, and I think it’s the Bears.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers -1.5 vs Detroit Lions: The Bucs should have more respect, but the Lions have all the hype. Detroit will be good, but not good enough to win their first road game against a team that is healthier, more experienced, and more prepared than last year.

Tennessee Titans +2 at Jacksonville Jaguars: Jacksonville just isn’t any good, and Tennessee has one of the best players in the league, and a better quarterback than they had last year. So they win.

New England Patriots -7 vs Miami Dolphins: Despite Monday night often making bad teams better and making games more exciting and tense, it also seems the perfect setting for Brady and the Patriots to show everyone watching how great they are.



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